Media Research and Consultant Services for Development Projects

Inspired and driven by the oceans, I look to support development projects through information management, communications strategy and social data analysis.

Project & Knowledge Management

From enabling efficient workflows to developing networked knowledge systems to apply solutions at scale.

Communications Strategy

Ensuring and supporting implementation of strategies for stakeholder engagement and branding.

Social Data Analysis

Let social data tell incredible stories and provide indispensable insight through enhanced data entry, organization and visualization.

Alex Soete

an ambitious and versatile freelancer specializing in development projects across project management, communication strategy, and data entry & analysis. With a keen eye for digital technologies and their transformative power, Alexander’s journey is fueled by personal growth and a passion for pushing boundaries. Having lived and worked in diverse cultural contexts, from the Netherlands and China to the Philippines and Malaysia, he excels in connecting and collaborating effectively. Fluent in English and German, Alexander possesses exceptional communication and networking abilities.

Past Clients